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In the world of manga, there’s always a new top-notch comic release every single day. Every once in a while, a new release becomes the talk of the manga world. And “Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1” is not any less. 

The first chapter was enough to keep the readers immersed in the intriguing storyline filled with fascinating characters, mystical powers, and heroic battles. The lively graphics and vivid descriptions are doing a great job of luring the readers right into the world where almighty legends are born. Get ready to lose yourself in the rollercoaster of emotions with all the plot twists of this epic saga.

The Intro To The World of The Mightiest Lord

 Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1

The series showcases the ultimate struggle of a warrior who wants to be the almighty lord of the world. From friendships to rivalries to world-changing betrayals, the journey clashes with contrasting twists and turns. The protagonist’s journey in the new world is anything but easy, especially when the only thing protecting him from the demons of the world is the Lord system. 

A Glimpse of Writing Style

Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapters 1

The author of the Record of the Mightiest Lord manga has given great attention to the details of the storyline. From the vivid descriptions of places to the intricate formation of characters, everything altogether gives the readers the feel of being a part of it themselves.

Their world-building stretches beyond the fictional realm by establishing connections with real-life mythology in the tale. With Ancient prophecies and old legends shaping the narrative, the readers can’t help but indulge themselves in the intriguing narrative.

Setting the Stage and Discovering Themes

 Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1 0

The Record of the Mightiest Lord is set in the medieval period in a world where mysterious creatures co-existed with humans. Long-spread forests conceal the darkest secrets whereas the towering mountains hide ancient prophecies that are yet known by mankind. 

Barren lands and the lush green landscapes have been the witnesses of the long-forgotten tales. All sat back in silence for the protagonist to uncover the biggest truth of his life. After which, he will start his journey to reign the world. 

Unveiling the Protagonist

Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 11

Allow us to introduce you to the hero who holds the utmost power in his grasp. Richard, a transmigrator who changes body to start his new life in a world where wars and attacks of monsters are putting the kingdom at risk. Learning martial arts became his way of strengthening himself to become an aristocrat. 

In Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1, he starts his grand quest to become the almighty lord, during which he discovers his fate, destiny, and power.

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Starting the Journey

Are you ready to delve into the rich tapestry of intricate storylines, engrossing characters, and riveting plot twists that has captured the heart of millions? Here’s a quick Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 1 Summary for you.

New World, New City

 Visit to Solon City

The scene starts with the protagonist entering the stony gates of Solon City. His visit to this specific place had a greater purpose than just a change of environment. If there was anything he was sure about, it was the fact that this place was going to be the starting point of his life.

The Deal of Orlando

He first visited the palace where the lord of the Solon city was on his throne. Richard happens to be the illegitimate son of Calvin Orlando who left him nothing but a surname. But that was enough. The “Orlando” itself was a great heritage for him. 

 500 gold coins in exchange for the surname

As seen, his half-brother didn’t like the idea of him being a potential heir and wanted him out of his way, which was why he made a great deal of money in exchange for Richard giving up his surname. However, having a clever mind, he made a witty decision to ask for more money. They agreed, well, they had to!

The king teased his idea of buying the barbarian slaves with that money, but our protagonist’s mind was sharper than that. Seeing his stubbornness, the king offered to send him to the Colosseum to do what he came for.

Unraveling the Past

Later, the chapter comes to a part where the protagonist’s past is described. On the way to his destination, Richard took a step towards giving a little insight into how his actual journey started.

Previous owner of Richard’s body 

The original owner of the body was horrifically beaten to death for stealing a party. The moment the soul left his body, Richard took over it. From that day on he has been practicing martial arts to enhance his skills.

Meeting The Barbarians

Richard challenging the barbarians

Reaching the Colosseum, our valorous hero straight out challenged the muscly, buffed-up barbarians for a match. His courage and bravery triggered the barbarians to the point they were ready to fight for their freedom.

Finding him a mere human, they underestimated his power. But as the saying goes, “Never judge a book by its cover.” 

The Fight For Rule and Freedom

 the rule of the fight

The rule was simple enough, if they win they get their freedom. Otherwise, they become his slaves and fight for him. Working on someone’s orders was not something the wild and primitive barbarians were fond of, so the only option left was to wrestle.

Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 13

Russell, one of the champions, decided to step into the ring. With one swing, he thrashed our main lead with a tremendous crash. The impact created a huge crater in the ground, in which lay still the great lord of the world. They thought that way, at least.  

 Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 12

The arena was filled with roars and claps, all cheering for the win of their champion. However, the owner of the Colosseum was still panicking over having to compensate him heavily and the arena closing down. With a proud smile, Russell began to exit the ring. The moment he stepped, his foot was held in a deathly grip that stopped all the blood flowing through. And in a quick second, the tables turned.

Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter 10

The heavily muscled man who was celebrating his win a second before was now lying face-first on the ground, shocked. The whole crowd, with their jaw dropped to the floor, was still questioning what in the world even happened.

And yes, you guessed it right, the ultimate warrior who stole our hearts crushed the champion as well as everyone’s hopes in one swing. Within a moment, everyone knew of the strength he possessed. 

The Courageous Intervenor

After several fruitless tries of Russell to keep his reputation and their freedom, the match comes to an end. Or that’s what was in everyone’s mind. Until the air was filled with a loud feminine yet powerful voice. The voice belonged to the one and only, chief of the barbaric soldiers. 

Record of the Mightiest Lord Chapter

One look at her, and it was to be known that she wasn’t an easy one. Her fiery eyes had a burning flame that screamed dominance and power. Metal chains thudded against the ground with every step she took towards the ring. She stopped right in front of our vicious fighter and spoke the words that turned everyone silent.

“I’ll fight you.”

Speculations of Future Chapters

With the epic cliffhanger at the end, there come a lot of different possibilities for future chapters. The readers are left in awe at the way the plot is shaped in the first chapter itself. Along with that, they are also left wondering about the new character that has suddenly entered the storyline. 

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The manga is awaiting a multitude of epic battles, enigmatic characters, and plot-changing twists. Be sure to keep up with the future updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: The Record of the Mightiest Lord is a fantasy and action-packed manga written by Shinkou Shotou and illustrated by Arata Yamaji. The serialization began in 2018 and is still ongoing.

Ans: You can read the following manga at, or you can also search it on other manga-reading websites and apps.

Ans: Richard, the main character of this manga, is a transmigrator who changes his body to achieve his goal of becoming an aristocrat. He holds the utmost power in the world with exceptional skills in martial arts. 

Ans: The plot is based on an ancient medieval world on the edge of darkness with all the attacks of monsters and fellow nobles. The story’s protagonist works towards becoming a great warrior and saving the world from devastation. In the journey, they go through various stages, from friendships to betrayals to self-realization and more.


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