Thank you for visiting the Weblinked website. We are committed to valuing your privacy and protecting the information you have provided by considering us trustworthy. The privacy policy of Weblinked outlines the information on how we collect, use, share, disclose and safeguard your personal data while accessing our site. 

We would like to mention while interacting or accessing our site, we consider your agreement to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy. We are advising you to please take a moment to review those terms carefully and precisely.

Information We Collect Through Different Channels

We collect data through different channels while you are interacting on a site. Those are as follows:

  • Personal Data: We might collect your personal information including your name, email, address, contact number, gender, location, and date of birth. We do not force anyone to input their personal information on a website. The only medium via which we collect your information is when you subscribe to us or sign up for the first time on our website.
    More often, we also collect non-personal data like your IP address, browser type, device information, and other related technical details when you interact with our site. These details are gathered for website analytics purposes.
  • User-Generated Details: Remember, each and every interaction on the site will be recorded for future reference and to maintain a database. While mentioning interaction, we meant actions for instance, likes, comments, shared blog posts, and other online Behaviours. You might be wondering why is it necessary to gather user-generated details. It is important to accumulate the data to better understand and offer a top-notch digital experience as per your preferences.
  • Direct interaction or commenting: When you choose to participate in discussions and leave comments on our blog post are considered as your direct interaction with us. If you are sharing your words regarding your experience or trying to get in touch with questions or queries, we maintain a database of inputs you have entered, to get back to you and resolve your query.
  • Communication and support: Are you trying to initiate a conversation or trying to contact our support team? If that’s the case, we might collect information regarding your queries to serve relevant assistance.

What Kind of Data You Can Expect to Provide Us

  • Browsing details: As we have previously mentioned, each and every activity on our site is being recorded. We have integrated advanced technology to track your online activity inclusive of your usage of the Weblinked website, shared content, the kind of information you see, topics you are interested in, visited pages, and frequently opened links. With the collected information we build a database of your preferences.
  • Cookies: Like many of the sites available online, we also use cookies and other similar technology to boost your browsing experience. The content cookies help us to recall your preferences. Carry this in mind, that whenever you are accessing our site, then you are consenting us to utilize cookies.
  • Social media activities: We have designed our services to incorporate social media networking platform light Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to keep track of your online activities. Specifically when someone visits our website via social networking platforms.

Why Do We Collect Data From You?

  • Website Improvement: The gathered data help us to evaluate or analyse trends, and understand the possibilities to enhance our website’s functionality and improvement of overall user experience.
  • Marketing and Communication: We integrate marketing programs occasionally on our website. For that purpose, we utilize your contact details to share related information, promotional materials, newsletters, and updates, and communicate about launched services. You can opt in and out at any moment, depending on your interest.
  • Data Security: We prioritize security whether it’s of you or about us. We believe in taking utmost care of your data by employing various industry-standard security measures. We incorporate those measures to protect the data from unauthorized access, misuse, or disclosure. Also, bear in mind that no method of data transmission is 100% secure. However, we cannot guarantee absolute security.
  • Your Rights: You are the rightful owner of your personal information that could remain completely under your control. More often, you have the right to access, update, correct, and demand to delete the provided information if required by law. If you are seeking to obtain your rights for the following, you are authorized to connect with us without any hesitation.
  • Changes to this Privacy Policy: With the emergence of new technology or practices we might feel to update this privacy policy occasionally. These are done to reflect awareness, changes, and applicable laws without any prior notification. Accordingly, you are suggested to review the privacy policy periodically to remain updated. Otherwise, the continual usage of our site will be considered as your acceptance of the updated details.


We would appreciate it if you carefully read and understand the disclaimer before accessing our content and services. At first, your continuous interaction on a site is regarded as your agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions laid by us. 

Secondly, the information, facts, data, and insights published on our website are only for information purposes. Although, we corroborate the information that has been published is accurate, and complete enough. But, we make no representation or warranty regarding the completeness, accuracy, suitability, reliability, value, availability, or relevance of the details. 

We are not in any way responsible for loss or damage that occurred directly or indirectly from the subject matter on the site. We believe, along with, it’s the responsibility of every individual to conduct their own assessment and research before making an informed decision.