Most social media apps are launching their own AI to make the app more interactive. Snapchat has also joined this category with its newly introduced feature, My AI. After a successful trial with premium users, the feature is now available to all Snapchatters. 

Its additional safety features and controls make it stand out from its parent AI, ChatGPT. However, similar to ChatGPT, My AI also works as a problem-solver. It can answer your questions, give suggestions on various topics, and do many other things. But some users wonder why their app is not showing My AI. We can also find several tweets on the same topic: 

Here, we will understand ‘Why don’t I have My AI on Snapchat?’ and also answer the most asked question, ‘How to get My AI on Snapchat? 

How to Get My AI on Snapchat?

Before getting started with the workable steps to get My AI on Snapchat, here are some of the basic requirements that you should fulfill for using features like My AI. They include having a Snapchat app on your device and an account on it.

Now, if you don’t know how to get My AI on Snapchat, here is an easy 4 steps process with complete details:

  1. Open the Snapchat app.
    Open Snapchat on Your Phone
  1. Tap on the conversation icon, to go to the Chats.
    My AI in the Chat Section

Note: You can also swipe right on your Snapchat camera screen to open the chat section in the app, where My AI will be turned on by default, and you can converse with it like any other chat. 

  1. Tap on My AI > Accept.
    Accept the Message Request
  1. Send a message to My AI. 
    Chat with My AI

Note: As you know, this Artificial Intelligence is a conversational tool, so you can freely ask additional questions to get the desired response to your query. 

Why Don’t I Have a Snapchat AI by Default? 

As we know, My AI and its parent chatbot, ChatGPT, both recently introduced AI. Just like the issue of ChatGPT error in body stream, users are also asking, ‘Why don’t I have a Snapchat AI?’. It is a common question that is raised by most Snapchat users. Some major reasons behind it include the following:

  • Not fulfilling the primary requirement of having an account on the app.
  • Your Snapchat won’t open because you don’t have the updated version of the app, or for some other reason.
  • There is a technical glitch in the functioning of the app. 
  • Issues related to the app cache. 
  • Snapchat itself has not rolled out My AI to your account.

These issues can easily be solved by applying the methods that are listed further.

What to Do If I Can’t Find Snapchat AI? 

Don’t worry; we have figured out a few ways to fix your problem and get access to My AI, just like other Snapchat users. Here are 5 troubleshooting tips given for your help that you have to apply in the same order and have to move to the next tip only if the previous one does not work. 

Update the Application

As you know, My AI is a new feature added to Snapchat, so there is the possibility that it will not be available in your version of Snapchat. To get access to My AI, you can simply update the application from the Play Store in the case of an Android or from the App Store in the case of an iOS app. 

Log Out and then Again Log In 

If you still can’t find Snapchat AI on your device, you should try the next possible way. You may need to refresh your login to use My AI if your Snapchat app has become outdated. To do so, you have to follow a simple process: 

  • First, tap on the Bitmoji icon visible in the top-left corner of the app’s home screen. 
  • Select the gear icon in the top-right corner.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the tab and select the Log-Out option. Now, your Snapchat account has been logged out.
  • At last, you have to log in to your account by entering the same username and password. 

I hope you will now be able to access My AI. But if the problem is not eliminated yet, you should move on to the next troubleshooting tip. 

Clear the App Cache

Sometimes, there is the possibility that My AI is not visible on your Snapchat due to some technical issues in the app cache. In such a case, it is recommended to clear the cache by taking these steps:

  • Go to the phone’s “Settings”
  • Tap on the “Apps” option. 
  • Select “Snapchat” from the list of apps.
  • Now, select “Storage” or “Storage and Cache”
  • At last, tap “Clear Cache”

Have you lost your data by mistake while clearing the cache? Don’t worry; you can easily download Snapchat data back to your device. 

Uninstall and Then Reinstall the App

Is your issue of ‘Why can’t I add My AI on Snapchat’ not solved yet? Then you might try out this solution. First, uninstall Snapchat from your device, and then reinstall it from the Play Store or App Store. This will not only fix the issue, but also install the updated version of the app on your device. 

Contact Snapchat Support

If you have tried all the above-mentioned ways to fix the problem but can’t find Snapchat AI, the last possible thing that you can do is contact Snapchat Support. Or else, you can wait for My AI to roll out to your account, as the feature is a bit slower to arrive for some accounts. 

more info settings

However, in most cases, one of the aforementioned solutions will be enough to launch Snapchat’s My AI feature on your device. 

How to Submit Feedback on My AI?

If you are getting an incorrect or questionable reply from My AI, you are allowed to send feedback to Snapchat. This will be helpful to improve the chatbot in the future. 

For this, you just have to tap and hold the message that is unsuitable according to you, tap “Submit Feedback”, and then type your valuable feedback in the box. 

Tap the Message and Submit your Feedback

Other than this, you can also report any inappropriate or offensive reply given by My AI. For this, you have to tap and hold on to the required message, tap “Report,” select the suitable reason, and then tap the “Submit” option. 

How to Bring My AI into Conversation with Other Chats?

If you are conversing with your friend on Snapchat and want to add My AI to the conversation, then you just have to follow three simple steps: 

  1. Type @myai into your chat.
  1. Then, tap on My AI
  1. Now, you can easily ask your question to the AI to get a reply in the chat (only if you have access to My AI already). 

You can use Snapchat’s quick add feature to get in touch with anybody even without having their Snap ID or phone number, and then you can follow the aforementioned steps to bring My AI into the conversation.

Note: My AI will be able to see and respond to those messages only in which it is mentioned. No other messages from your friends can be read by it. It can’t see your conversation history, either. 

Additional Tips and Tricks to Get More from My AI

Here, we have given some cool and interesting tips and tricks to make My AI more attractive, engaging, and secure:

  • There are numerous benefits that you can enjoy by subscribing to Snapchat Premium. It will also let you unpin My AI in the chat list. 
  • If you want to make your conversation with My AI more secure, you can also easily delete your chats with it by going to Clear My AI Data.
  • You can use the feature of changing My AI’s Bitmoji and make a customized Bitmoji for it. 

These tips help make My AI more user-friendly and a safe chatbot to have conversations with. However, some features are available for premium users only, while others can be enjoyed by all Snapchat users. 

Final Words

In this article, we get to know how to get My AI on Snapchat and how My AI can answer all your questions within seconds. However, Snapchat says that users should not blindly rely on My AI’s words as the feature is in its development stage. Because of this, sometimes the replies can be incorrect, biased, misleading, or inappropriate. Also, the app suggests not sharing any type of confidential or sensitive information with the chatbot.

Hence, we can conclude that My AI is a powerful conversational tool with limited drawbacks that, hopefully, will be removed with time.


Ans: Yes, you can get access to My AI on Android as well as on iPhone and iPad by following the steps given in this article.

Ans: No, you can easily converse with My AI even without having a subscription to Snapchat+.

Ans: Yes, this Snapchat AI is completely free to all users.

Ans: Yes, My AI can send a photo snap to the chatbot by following the same process as sending a normal snap. But to get access to this feature, you must have a premium account, i.e., Snapchat+. 

Ans: To send a snap to more than one friend with My AI, you have to create a shortcut on Snapchat.

Ans: Yes, if you are sharing your location with Snapchat, then My AI gets access to your location automatically. But this is only to improve the quality of recommendations related to nearby places. 

Ans: Yes, you can easily delete that data anytime you want just by pressing on the message for a little long, and then tapping on “Delete” and at last on “Confirming”.


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