GoDaddy is the comfort place for business owners, as it has helped many people take their businesses online. It facilitates entrepreneurs in increasing their online visibility by providing an email address that matches their domain’s name. This webmail portal is highly customizable and easily accessible, which has contributed to increasing its popularity. 

Currently, it is one of the most sought-after domain registrars, and every other entrepreneur across the globe relies on it to fulfill their web hosting requirements. Well, you are here, which means you must be interested in the GoDaddy email login process and other related information. So without any ado, let’s talk about the GoDaddy Webmail login and see how it works. 

About GoDaddy Workspace Webmail

Founded in 1997, GoDaddy is the most popular internet domain registrar and web hosting company that has multiple tools to build a professional website for your business and its growth. It’s an American company that has its headquarters in Tempe, Arizona and is incorporated in Delaware. It’s the one-stop solution for all your online business requirements. 

GoDaddy Homepage

It gives the most required push to your online journey by creating an impressive and engaging website, domain name, online marketing, fast hosting, and many more. You can get the GoDaddy Business email plan for a price of $9.99 per month. So that now you know what exactly GoDaddy is, let’s quickly take a look at the easiest method to do Go Daddy email login in the subsequent section. 

How to do GoDaddy Email Login?

Logging into GoDaddy email is easy-peasy if you have a username and password with you. Besides, the method to sign in to its email is different on Desktop and mobile phones, but worry not because below I’ll separately discuss both methods. 

On Desktop 

The following instructions will help you with the GoDaddy webmail login on your Desktop: –

  1. Open your browser and move to the GoDaddy email login page.  
  1. Now, enter your Username and Password in the required section on the webmail login page. If you don’t have your password with you, you can simply use your Apple, Facebook, or Google account to sign in. 
  1. Then tap on the Sign-In option present below. 
    Enter your username, password and hit the sign-in icon.
  1. Lastly, check the Keep me signed in on this device box. 

Well, this method is functional only for Desktops; if you want to learn how you can access its email on your phone, read the next section. 

On Phone

To access its email on your mobile phone, you need to install the GoDaddy app on your device. This app is available on both App Store and Google Play Store. 

Act in accordance with the below-written steps to log into your GoDaddy email on your mobile phone: –

  1. Firstly, install the GoDaddy mobile app from the App Store or Play Store. 
  1. Now, set up your email preferences and click Confirm
  1. After this, the account login page will open on your phone. Click on the Username or Customer# option present below, or you can directly sign in using your Facebook, Google, or Apple account. 
  1. Enter your Username and Password in the designated place and tap on the Sign In option present below. 
    username or customer
    sign in user customer

Bingo! There you go now you can access all your GoDaddy email right from your phone. In case you are a new user, the following section will guide you on how to set up a GoDaddy workspace account, so read carefully.

Method to Set Up a GoDaddy Workspace Account

All new users are required to create a GoDaddy Workspace account in order to access webmail services. So if you are a newbie on this domain registering platform, the below-given steps will definitely provide you valuable assistance. 

  1. To set up a workspace account, you need to navigate to the Workspace control center, and for that, you are required to do GoDaddy email login. 
  1. Move to the login page of webmail and, enter your username, password, and click sign in. Don’t try to sign in through Facebook, Apple, or Google Account because it won’t work for creating a Workspace account. 
  1. Now, click on the Create option at the top of the Email address list. 
     tap on the create option. 
  1. Fill in the checkbox next to email and enter your email address and domain name. 
    check the box next to email and enter your email address.1
  1. Next, you have to create a password. Enter the password, confirm the password, and hit the option of create. 
    create a password and tap on the create option.

That’s it; now, wait for a while as it takes a few minutes to set up a workspace email account and password. You will receive the workspace account setup confirmation in your mail, and once you receive the mail, you are all good to go. Moving on, let’s take a look at the method to do GoDaddy workspace login in the upcoming section.

The Process to Log into Go Daddy Workspace Webmail With Microsoft Office 365

Well, you can access your workspace webmail through Microsoft Office 365. Here’s what you need to do for GoDaddy workspace login with MS Office 365: –

  1. Firstly, open the GoDaddy Microsoft Office 365 login page
  1. Now, type your email address and password in the designated space. 
  1. Lastly, hit the sign-in option. 
    Enter the email, password, and click sign in. 

Till now, I have discussed the Go Daddy email login method in detail. In the next section, I will exclusively talk about how you can retrieve the forgotten username and password. So carefully read the following section if you have a weak memory, and struggle with remembering passwords and usernames. 

How to Retrieve the GoDaddy Webmail Username and Password?

Username and password are the most important things that you need for GoDaddy workspace login, but many times people tend to forget these important login credentials. Well, if you also forget your username and password for the mail, the instructions written below are definitely going to be your savior. 


Here’s how to restore the GoDaddy email login username: –

  1. To retrieve your GoDaddy username, navigate to the sign-in page and click on the Need to find your username link
    click on the need to find your username link.
  1. Enter your registered Email in the email section and hit the Continue option. 
    Enter your email and tap continue
  1. Now, you’ll receive a six-digit verification code in your email. So open your email and enter the six-digit code in the required section and click on the Verify Code option. 
    Click on the verify code option

That’s it; now you will get a pop-up on your screen which will have your username. 


Follow the steps to recover your GoDaddy webmail login password: –

  1. Open the login page and click on the option ‘Need to find your username or your password?’ Or you can directly move to the password reset page via this Password reset link.
    Click on the Need to find your username or your password option.
  1. Now, enter your username or customer# in the designated section and click on the continue option. 
    Enter your username and hit the continue option.
  1. Then, you’ll receive an email. So open your email and click on the Reset Your Password link.
    Click on the reset your password option.
  1.  A password reset tab will open on your screen. Enter your new password, confirm the entered password, and click on the Submit option. 
    Enter a new password, confirm the password, and click submit.

In case you are still not able to log into your GoDaddy email, then there could be a number of reasons behind it, and some of them are discussed in the subsequent section. 

Here are the reasons why you aren’t able to log into your GoDaddy webmail account: –

  1. If you aren’t able to log into webmail even after multiple successive attempts, there’s a high probability that your username is incorrect. 
  2. You have unknowingly or mistakenly enabled two-step verification, and an issue occurs during login. 
  3. Probably you are using the wrong website for logging in. 
  4. There seems to be an issue with your password, and it seems to be incorrect.

All these login issues can be easily fixed by resetting the password and retrieving the username. But if you still seem to face the same problem, you can contact their support service at 040 67607600. GoDaddy provides great customer support service, which is clearly evident from GoDaddy’s Twitter Help Handle, so once you contact the company regarding your issue, it won’t take a lot of time to get it fixed. Advancing to the end, let’s quickly take a look at the frequently asked questions by users. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes, you’ll need to purchase the GoDaddy Business Email plan, which costs $9.99 per month, in order to use the email services. The charges of the business email can also differ depending on multiple factors, including your business’s size and the additional services you want. 

A: The website builder business plan of GoDaddy has one email address, which is free for only the first year. 

A: Unfortunately, GoDaddy doesn’t provide free workspace email service anymore, as they are working towards standardizing their email platforms to a better system. So now all the users either need to upgrade the free email account to a paid version or migrate it to Microsoft 365 to use the email services. 


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