Bhagyam Singh
Bhagyam Singh


Internet, Software, and Applications


My academic journey has been enriched with diverse courses and electives. 

  • Bachelor’s degree in English from Hindu College, Delhi University.
  • Master’s degree in English from Zakir Hussain Delhi College, Delhi University.
  • During my master's, I also took up an elective course in Russian culture and folklore offered by the Department of Slavonic and Finno-Ugrian Studies. 


The intricacies of Internet technologies have always fascinated me, and I always go the extra mile to keep myself updated with the latest advancements in the tech industry.

My motive is to communicate complex technical concepts in a clear and understandable manner for a wide audience. Through my writing, I strive to bridge the gap between innovation and understanding through valuable insights into the latest trends and advancements.

I am a curious person, who never shies away from learning new things. It is a constant process, and with every article I write, I am trying to help out readers with diverse backgrounds. Behind every piece of content, I thoroughly research the topic, the latest improvements, facts, and figures, and then finally I add my touch to make it wholesome. 

Apart from helping readers through my content, I also work for social causes. Working with NGOs has given me a whole new perspective on life.


I have contributed insightful articles that address common issues and offer practical solutions spanning diverse topics such as cyberattacks, bitcoin, finance, technology, and gaming.

Apart from writing on technical issues, I have also communicated my thoughts on diverse topics like feminism, modernism, the impact of industrialization through the years, and many more.

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