Instagram has gained immense popularity because of its easy-to-use interface, incorporation of wonderful features such as e-commerce, Instagram Reels, and brand partnership collaboration.

However, no app exists without shortcomings. You may have faced several errors while accessing your Instagram account. A platform as big as Instagram is sure to have some problems, mostly because of its servers. 

Even a simple server error can make it impossible to use an app and cause problems where users can’t reply to specific messages or can’t like a message on IG. One such error frequently faced by users is the “Instagram 5xx server error”.

If you have questions such as what is 5xx error on Instagram, Why does Instagram 5xx error occur, and how to fix it, then you will get all of your answers to such questions here only. To discover all of them, start reading this article.

What is 5xx Server Error on Instagram?

Instagram 5xx error

The 5xx error on Instagram has been seen by users since Instagram came into existence.

Besides, this error is not confined to Instagram; it can occur on any social media platform. If the users generally see any code between 500-511, it specifies that there is some issue with the server.

This happens when the user requests any data, but the server fails to process it. Errors shown with different numbers are temporary. It will be removed after the issue is resolved.

Different Types of Instagram 5xx Error Codes

Different Instagram 5xx Error Codes

You may get confused when you see this type of error. It mostly has 12 different variants, ranging from 500 to 511, and every error points to similar problems. Because of this issue, you can’t access the app’s content, and thus you are interrupted while accessing your account.

The first step is to log in again to your account or check if your web connection is disabled. First, make sure that the basic requirements are met, and if you still can’t get rid of this Instagram issue, continue reading this blog to learn different types of useful ways to solve this error.

However, understanding different error codes is essential before you look at the solutions to fix the Instagram 5xx error. The different Instagram 5xx server error codes are as follows:

  • Error Code 500 (Internal Server Error): As the name says, it’s an internal server error that neglects the request to show the output as what is desired by the user. A script malfunction and an incomplete process are two such examples.
  • Error Code 501 (Not implemented): While handling any request, error 501 is displayed due to the lack of effective functionality. This happens because the server doesn’t respond to your demand, so no proper action is taken to implement what the user has requested.
  • Instagram Error Code 502 (Bad Gateway): In simple terms, this is a bad gateway or an invalid server response.
  • Error Code 503 (Service Unavailable): Sometimes it can be seen that the site is overloaded, malfunctioning, or under maintenance. In such cases, you may see the Instagram error code 503.
  • Error Code 504 (Gateway Timeout): The error code 504 is displayed when the user processes a request and the server takes too long to process it. To access the request, the server may act as a proxy or gateway, and that consumes plenty of time.
  • Error Code 505 (HTTP Version Not Supported): At times, the HTTP protocol version is either not supported or simply rejected by the web server to process it. If such a thing happens, you will see an Error Code 505.
  • Error Code 511: In simple terms, this error means “network authentication”. On account of this, the user can access the Instagram network to complete the authentication process.

I hope that you understand all the significant error codes. Now that you are aware of the codes properly, it will be easy for you to choose the best solution while troubleshooting this Instagram 5xx server issue.

Why Does Instagram Say 5xx Server Error?

It’s important to know the cause of this Instagram server error before you dive in to solve it. If you understand the cause holistically, you will be able to fix the error effectively and efficiently.

There are numerous reasons behind this Instagram 5xx error, and to understand every one of them individually, go through the following points:

  • Unstable internet connection
  • Slow down the Instagram server because of its downtime
  • Technical problem in the Instagram app
  • Accessing the old version of the Instagram app
  • Unsupported HTTP version
  • Failure of the authentication process by the Instagram network

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How to Fix 5xx Server Error on Instagram?

Since you have understood the different server errors on Instagram and several reasons why they occur, it’s time now to fix the Instagram 5xx error. Go through the following solutions and know how to fix the issue: 

Check the Internet Connection

check the internet connection

Poor internet connection is the most basic reason why you see the Instagram 5xx error. It’s highly advisable to check if your web connection is stable or not.

By doing one of the following things, you can solve your internet connection issue:

  • Switch on the flight mode of your phone, and after some time, turn it off. Do this if you are using mobile data.
  • The case is different if you are accessing Wi-Fi. In this situation, you only have to ensure that the device you are using to log in to your Instagram account is near the router. Otherwise, make sure that the device is placed on any reliable internet provider’s device.

Reboot the Instagram App

You must have been suggested by others to restart your system or smartphone when you see any technical error while the device is operating or if things are not going their prescribed way. The beautiful part is that most of the errors are fixed once you restart the device that you are using.

Likewise, if you reboot your Instagram app, you will find almost all the app’s glitches resolved. Hence, if you find an Instagram 5xx error, think about rebooting the app and watching the miracle at the end.

Re-Login to Your Instagram Account

If any of the above solutions don’t work for you, you should try re-logging in to your Instagram account. If you don’t know how to do it, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the “User Profile Image” section, which you can easily find in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the “three lines”.
  • You will see multiple options; there, click on the “Settings” option.
    Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to the bottom, where you will see an option that reads, “Log Out”. Tap on it.
    Click on Log Out
  • Doing this will make you log out of your Instagram account. Log in to your account again, and you will get the error fixed.

Update the Latest Version of the Instagram App

Update Instagram

If you have not updated the Instagram app on your phone for so long, then it’s highly probable that the obsolete version of the app is causing Instagram’s 5xx error continuously.

You should immediately check for all the updates available in the app and update it at your earliest convenience. To ensure that the app operates efficiently, it should be updated regularly.

To search for new updates, you can check on Play Store regularly, and if you find anything new, you can update the app immediately to avoid any working glitches in the app.

Download the Instagram App Again

the Instagram app

If you still see the “5xx error” even after updating the Instagram app to its latest version, then you should delete the app and reinstall it.

Re-installing the app that shows a temporary glitch helps solve the problem. Hence, doing it this way allows you to access your Instagram account placidly.

Clear the Instagram App Cookies

You can also fix Instagram’s 5xx error by removing the cookies from the Instagram app. Refer to the step-by-step guide mentioned below:

  • Open your “profile icon” and tap on the “three lines,” which you can easily find in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on “Settings.”
    Go to Settings
  • Open: Account > Browser Settings
    Go to Account  Browser Settings
  • Tap the “clear button” which you can locate beside the browsing data section.
  • Tap on “Clear History and Data” at the end. You will get all of your Instagram cookies removed from the app.
    Clear History and Data

Access Your Instagram Account Through the Browser

Access Instagram through Browser

It may happen that you are not able to solve Instagram’s 5xx error, and despite the above solutions applied by you, the failure is occurring continuously.

It’s highly probable due to the glitch in the app itself. In such a case, you should access your Instagram account using a web browser, which you can easily do by following a few steps as mentioned below:

  • Open any updated browser and type “the link” in the search bar
  • Open the link and log in to your account by entering your username and password.

Congratulations, you are logged in to your Instagram account successfully through the browser. You can access its content in the same way as you use its application.

Access Instagram From Your PC

Access Instagram from your PC

Sometimes, it’s because of a particular device that lets you face the server error continuously. You should change your device here. It will be perfect if you use your PC to access your Instagram account in this situation.

It will solve your problem smoothly, as a PC allows you to use Instagram in several ways. You can access the app on a PC with the help of Creator Studio or BlueStacks.

Check the Instagram Server

check the Instagram server

You may or may not see an Instagram 5xx server error based on how an Instagram server works. The concept is that if the Instagram server is either facing downtime or getting slowed down, you will encounter an Instagram 5xx error.

This creates a hindrance for you because you can’t fix this error. All you can do is wait until the app’s server gets fixed or completes its maintenance or upgrade process.

As soon as you find that the server is fixed or it completes its update process, you are ready to use it without any interruption.

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Ans: 5xx error Instagram means the Instagram app is going through server issues. It occurs when the server can’t respond promptly to a user’s request.

The significant reasons are insecure HTTP requests, overloaded servers, or their downtime. If the Instagram server goes through these hindrances, then it displays certain error codes ranging from 500-511.

Ans: Check the stability of your mobile data connection or the Wi-Fi you are using. However, the main reason behind the non-working of your Instagram app is a problem with its server. Besides, you can also try rebooting your device.

Ans: The answer depends on the reason that is causing this error. For instance, you may see this error because of something wrongly done by the user. If you amend such an issue on time, you can resume using the app uninterruptedly.

Now let’s say the issue arises on the server side; then it completely depends upon the time it takes for the server to be up again. However, to conclude, on average, most of Instagram server errors don’t persist for more than 24 hours.


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