1and1 webmail is an email hosting service provided by 1&1 Telecommunication. There are many companies, that offers web and email hosting for personal and professional usage, however, 1&1 provides its clients with the most affordable email services under the IONOS brand. 

IONOS webmail offers a highly engaging user experience with high-end technological features such as spam prevention, comprehensive email filtering, and much more.

Despite the popularity of this webmail and 1an1 web service, many people are still puzzled about the IONOS Webmail login process. So, if you want to know more about 1&1 Webmail, how to do the 1and1 login, and much more, go through the article given below.

What is IONOS and 1&1 Webmail?

1and1 is a web hosting firm that offers a variety of services to its customers, like 1and1 Webmail (also known as IONOS Webmail), Domain Registration, SSL Certificate, Website Builder tool, Cloud Hosting, and much more. It is like GoDaddy (which is also a popular web hosting provider), where you have to use the GoDaddy email login to access your webmail.

They entered the market in 1988, are based in Germany, and are now controlled by United Internet. The best part about this webmail is that its services are reasonably priced and very easy to configure for new users.

Their email service, 1&1 Webmail, is a 100% web-based email service that allows you to send and receive emails without using any third-party software. 

Additionally, you can have an IONOS Webmail account that uses your own unique domain. It lets you build your own email domain, which gives your emails a professional appearance and helps you stand out from the crowd.

It appears more trustworthy to your clients if you are running a business and want a professional email to use for connecting with people. 

Further, 1and1 Webmail IONOS allows you to build your own folders, manage all of your contacts and calendars, update custom signatures, and the list goes on.

In order to do your 1and1 login to your email account, all you need is a web browser and a reliable Internet connection. You can access email from anywhere in the world by visiting their Webmail 1 and 1 login pages and filling in your correct credentials.

To know precisely how it’s done, keep reading the write-up below.

How Can You Get a 1&1 Email Account?

After going through the above section, you must be curious to know more about 1 & 1 Webmail and how you can log into it. 

But before we get into the process of how to do an IONOS Webmail login, let’s have a look at how you can make an email account on this service. To have a 1&1 Webmail account, simply follow the steps listed below:

  1. First, launch your system’s browser and navigate to the IONOS official website.
  1. Scroll down the page until you reach the Email Plan section, and then switch to the IONOS Email tab.
    IONOS Email plan
  1. Then, you will notice three email plans listed before you. You have to choose one of the given plans to get the 1and1 Webmail account.
  1. Then, click on the Continue button of your chosen plan.
  1. On the following screen, you will see a form where you are required to enter some of your basic information and, afterward, follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  1. You will then be routed to the payment page. There, pay the amount specified in the plan you choose. And once that’s done, you will now be able to do the Webmail IONOS login.

You will now have access to your IONOS Webmail after making the payment. You can now enter your account by filling in the login credentials you generated during the above process. The procedure on how to do the 1 & 1 webmail login is given further.

What is the Process to Log into IONOS Webmail?

Though the process of signing up for IONOS 1and1 Webmail is simple, things get even simpler here. In order to do the 1and1 login to your account, all you need is a browser, a stable internet connection, and your correct login credentials.

The steps for 1 and 1 Webmail login are stated below:

  1. To begin, open the browser on your device and navigate to the IONOS Webmail login page.
  1. You will see the login form of the webmail once you reach the given link. In the first field, provide the email address that you generated during the 1and1 Webmail account creation time.
    Enter your email address2
  1. Then, in the following field, enter your 1 & 1 email password.
    Fill in the password
  1. If you’re using your own device, click the Remember Me box so you don’t have to enter your information every time you need to do the 1and1 login. If you are using a public device or someone else’s system, do not select this option.
  1. Finally, click the Login button to access your Webmail account.
    Click on Login1

And, with that, you have entered into your 1and 1 Webmail account. You can now use it to send and receive email and set it up how you please by creating folders, setting up filters to prevent spam from entering your inbox, creating your professional email signature, and much more.

How to Reset Your Forgotten IONOS Webmail Password?

If you have forgotten your 1 & 1 Webmail account password and can’t do the IONOS Webmail login, don’t worry; here’s the solution for that. The webmail allows you to reset your email password without any difficulty. In order to know how it’s done, refer to the steps jotted below:

Note: For data safety concerns, a forgotten/lost password may only be reset through the IONOS account and only when requested by the account holder. Further, the current forgotten password is not displayed or communicated to you, so, the only option that remains is to reset it. You can do so by going through the steps below.

  1. First, launch your browser and navigate to the IONOS login page (It is different from the Webmail login page).
  1. Fill in your email address and then click Next. After that, enter your IONOS account password and log in.
  1. Then, select the Email option.
  1. Following that, you will see a table listing all of the email addresses you have established using your account. Select the email account for which you wish to change the password from the table.
  1. Then, next to the selected email address, click the Settings icon.
  1. After that, a menu will appear, where you have to click on the Change Password option.
    select Change Password
  1. Finally, enter the new password and press the Change Password button. 

Following the above-given procedure to change your password, it will take a few minutes for the changes to take effect, after which you may use it to do the 1and1 Webmail login.

How to Change Your Webmail Password When You are Logged into Your Account?

If you can log into your account and want to change your 1 & 1 Webmail password, then here are the steps for doing the same:

  1. To begin, use your browser and log into your 1 and 1 Webmail account.
  1. The primary navigation bar is located at the top of the screen. On the right side of it, click the settings icon.
    settings icon
  1. This will take you to a new page where you have to choose the Change Password option from the left sidebar.
  1. After that, enter your old password, and then in the subsequent field, enter your new password.
  1. Finally, click the Change Password button, and your password will be changed; however, it may take a few minutes for the changes to take effect.
    Go to Change Password

1&1 IONOS Mail Server Settings 

You can do the 1and1 Webmail login in different email clients like Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. However, for it, you will need the mail server settings that you have to enter while setting up your 1&1 email account in any of the email clients.

 In order to know what these settings are, refer to the information given below:

Incoming Mail Server Settings – IMAP

  • Server Name: imap.1and1.com
  • Port No.: 993
  • SSL/TLS: Yes
  • Authentication Required: Yes, and a 1&1 email address and password will be used.
  • Username: Your 1 & 1 email address
  • Password: Your 1and1 email account password

Incoming Mail Server Settings – POP

  • Server Name: pop.1and1.com
  • Port No.: 995
  • SSL/TLS: Yes
  • Authentication Required: Yes, and a 1&1 email address and password will be used.
  • Username: Your 1and1 email address
  • Password: Your 1 & 1 email account password

Outgoing Mail Server Settings – SMTP

  • Server Name: smtp.1and1.com
  • Port No.: 587
  • Security: STARTTLS (if this doesn’t work for you, try SSL/TLS)
  • Authentication Required: Yes, and a 1&1 email address and password will be used.
  • Username: Your 1 & 1 email address
  • Password: Your 1and1 email account password

And with that, this guide to your IONOS 1and1 Webmail ends here. Hope you can now easily access your account.

Author: Bhagyam Singh
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